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From application to placement

What happens to your application


You can use all your requests contact our Account Managers. For your application we just need some additional information such as function, work location, duration of the agreement, start date, job requirements and description of the work. You can contact us through various channels, namely:

  • Via de website: Vul het bovenstaande formulier in om uw aanvraag te plaatsen.
  • By email: click here to directly send an e-mail.
  • Call: You can reach us on working days between 08.30 – 17.00 Hour by telephone via 0184 - 41 09 60.
  • Match

    After your request we will immediately set to work to find a good match between our people and your needs. If the right person not in our workforce, we will place an advertisement for the post. Once the appropriate staff member is found we will contact you to discuss his or her data. You can then expect an email from us with details of the employee (such as name and address details, certificates, and optionally a CV). Depending on your needs, the staff member can come for an interview or a test to prove his or her skills.


    After your approval, it is time for the actual placement of employees. You give us the time, the address of the jobsite and the contact by, so that the employee knows exactly where he or she can log. Additionally you will receive by email an order confirmation with the working conditions (such as the hourly and overtime rates). If necessary, the employee can obtain the required PPE us, so he can make a flying start and the MAN OF STEEL

    Einde Project

    The duration of the work the employee is flexible, This means you can terminate the employee if the work ends. Please send 3 days before the end of the project, a termination of the employee, so that we can promptly notify the employee. It is highly appreciated by our employees when they get through with you that the work end. The notice can be sent by phone or e-mail us. We also like to share your experiences with the employee, so that we can take this to the next request.