• Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-15

    The atmosphere is put

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-14

    The decor is ready

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-13

    The STEEL MEN are ready to party

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-12

    Indians were also of the party

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-11

    Am given the speech

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-10

    Nog meer can can

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-09

    Concluding with a Christmas twist

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-08

    Some MEN OF STEEL had a little misbehaving

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-07

    Time for action

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-06

    WildWest a party without can can, That is not possible

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-05


  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-04

    After dinner we socialize

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-03

    A beautiful cowboy couple

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-02

    End of the year party 2013

  • Eindfeest-2013-WildWest-01

    End of the year party 2013

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-02

    Before the evening begins, there is room for cozy

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-03

    The annual speech

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-04

    To wait for the buffet

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-05

    and then it becomes feast

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-06

    Let the games begin

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-07

    Spectators are also important

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-08

    It was a delicious feast, We hope to see you all again next year

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-09

    Supreme concentration

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-10

    No card fanatic, try your luck at the roulette table than

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-11

    Take risks or play safe?

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-12
  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-13

    What color will it be

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-14

    The last cards are viewed

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-15

    And the winner is ..... Jan Brill

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-01

    A red carpet welcomed guests at the final party of 2012

  • Eindfeest-2012-CasinoRoyale-12

    An attempt at the blackjack table

End of the year party 2013: Wild West

Like every year we closed off 2013 with a big party for all our employees. This year the theme was: “Wild West”. For this occasion our MEN OF STEEL were transformed into cowboy's and even few Indians . We had a lovely countrystyle dinner and also the famous desertbuffet was back. As finishing touch, our employees could enjoy an entertaining Can-Can show specially composed for our MEN OF STEEL. We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did and we would love to see you back next year in 2014!

For more pictures from the party, we refer you to our Facebook page

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