• Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-01

    The annual speech should not be missed

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-02

    Upon entering the reception by belly dancers

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-03

    Brings the fakir 2 beautiful snakes along with it

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-04

    Hoses and belly dancers go well together

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-05

    Cozy chat with colelga's

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-06

    Delicious feast of Oriental Buffet

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-07

    Live entertainment on the floor

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-08

    All employees have been photographed

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-09

    Enjoying a beautiful belly dance show

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-10

    Whoever has NERVES OF STEEL?

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-12

    Is glass really well?

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-13

    The fakir often lies on a bed of nails, but also on glass

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-14

    In the photo with the belly dancers

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-15

    Who could dare picture taken with snakes

  • Eindfeest-2014-1001Nacht-11

    During the show a snack elimination

End of the year party 2014: 1001 night

The end of year party for employees was this year's theme:
1001 Night.

There were fakirs around and some beautiful oriental dancers.
At the end of the evening were our MEN AND WOMEN OF STEEL also further tested whether they also had NERVES OF STEEL and could be in the picture with a stunning snake.

In this album you will find some of the photos of the party and can you just reminisce on those cozy evening!

For more pictures from the party, we refer you to our Facebook page

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