With about 115 (Certified) welders you could say that we are good at mediating welders. We love to welcome more welders to our club. Below you can read in short what we can do for you as a welder.

Interesting clients! Big names in the Netherlands and Belgium borrow welders from us. Therefore we know the appropriate, we always know how to find challenging assignments available for you in your area. We pay well and your salary is guaranteed paid every week. Also, freelancers are welcome to work with us. After sending your bill is paid as soon as possible. van Roosendaal technical staffing agency is not a typical staffing agency. We strive to do that little bit extra for you, so that you will continue to work for us! Below you can find all the current job offers in the field of welding.

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Welding Test

Certificate Monitoring

Welding PPE

Jobs for welders

Technically employment agency of Roosendaal has its own lastestcentrum at the office. In lastestcentrum we can test all welders for quality before they go to work for our clients. Partly because we have great faith managed to build with our clients. We strive to keep our quality high. When you register you can therefore be asked to weld a piece.
If you work for vrtu we manage your welding certificates and ensure that they are stamped in time to the client. You don't need to look after this yourself anymore. Besides, we can, with proven suitability and in consultation with the client, arrange additional certifications for you.
From weldingmask to boiler suit, or from welding boots to protective hoods. We take care of all personal protective equipment that you need as a welder. A number of items you receive as a welder for free and some for a small fee. We have almost everything you need or sizes so arranged for you.


GTAW Lasser ISO 9606-01

Published on October 11, 2021
Diverse locaties (in overleg)

SMAW lasser ISO 9606-01

Published on October 11, 2021
Omgeving Rotterdam

SMAW FCAW lasser Jachtbouw

Published on October 11, 2021