A technical staffing agency with its own welding center

To keep our quality high, we have an in-house welding coordinator at your service. Cees Ros has more than 40 years of experience in the field of welding. He assesses our welders on quality and keeps the knowledge of our staffing agency up-to-date. It is also possible Cees Ros to temporarily hire and supports to provide our customers with advice on complex, welding projects.

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With the transition from EN 287-1 to 9606-1:2013 much will change in the field of welding

ISO 9606-1:2013, is the successor of the EN 287-1. This replacement brings a lot of uncertainties, especially in the transition phase,. The reason that this replacement is so important lies in the fact that, at the start-up, the authorities explicitly had a lot of attention for the requirements of other competing standards, like ASME and AWS.

  • Parent metal is no longer an essential variable. The welder can choose his own consumable, this tests his ability to use relevant consumables
  • The introduction of FM groups(filler material)
  • New welding details gb, fb en ci
  • Welding positions instead of test positions for the area of ​​validity
  • Rules for renewal have become wider and material transfer has become an important variable
  • Introducing our in-house welding coordinator

    • Cees Ros
      Cees Ros is our welding coordinator who has extensive experience in bridge construction, montagewerk, tankbouw, on- and offshore projects. He knows all the tricks of the trade, how to keep track of all the changes in the welding industry and how to handle big projects. Obviously he is in possession of the appropriate certificates to supervise and execute visual inspections and assess welders to quality. By Cees van Roosendaal technical staffing agency bears responsibility for recruiting quality welders. In addition, he is regularly hired to monitor the progress of their projects with various clients, hereby advise, increase their automation in order to educate and increase productivity.
      Cees Ros / Welding coordinator at vrtu


    What we look for when evaluating employees

    Apparatuur Kennis

    Equipment Knowledge

    If you hire a welder at VRTU, you want to know whether the candidate knows how to handle the equipment. For this example, we test whether the candidate knows how the ratio of the wire speed in respect to the voltage, which settings are being used for what material etc..

    Tekening lezen

    Understanding technical drawings

    At VRTU we check whether the candidate is able to work from a drawing. We test the welders if they can work from a WPS and other jobfunctions such as: pipefitters or metalworkers, we test whether they understand the technical drawings and are able to execute the job according to the drawing.



    Wondering if the candidate is aware of the required theoretical knowledge? At vrtu we test whether this knowledge is sufficiently available or that there is possibly some training must take place.



    At VRTU all candidates are assessed for quality, so you spend less time on the evaluation of the employee. We can assure you that if you hire a welder that he can weld and that a metalworker knows how to work his metal.