After several years of acquiring experience in the temporary staffing industry, Bart van Roosendaal decided on 1 April 2006 to self initiate an employment agency. At first he started with one employee and he was located in Papendrecht.

With this employment agency Bart wanted to focus on quality and distance the company from the unscrupulous employment agencies. He did not just set up an employment agency, but above all ensure that attention was given to all aspects to be a reliable and unique employment agency for both employees and clients. In terms of supply VRTU focuses on different segments of the technical market. The employment agency provides skilled workers for the metal, electrical and construction, sometimes even staff positions.



Two years after our launch in Papendrecht was time for a new workplace. There was a need for additional staff in the office to put all STEEL MEN at work. After some deliberation, the decision was made and moved our office to Sliedrecht.



From 1 th of January 2010 moved from Roosendaal technical employment agency the monument building on the levee 759 Sliedrecht. After a reconstruction of eighteen months, the building was as good as new. Bart van Roosendaal, the stately mansion restored respecting the original features. To share the success of this renovation is given an opening for all customers and co-entrepreneurs. During this opening a seminar was given by entrepreneurs and coach number one speaker from Belgium: Carl Van de Velde.



Graydon award for VRTU

On the 6 July 2011 we received the Graydon award. With this award van Roosendaal technical employment agency may count themselves among the top financially healthy companies in Netherlands. Convenient for our clients to know, especially in times of financial uncertainty, they can cooperate responsibly with us.

About Graydon BV
Graydon Netherlands BV is part of the international organization Graydon Holding NV. This group presents itself as a powerful, professional partner in the field of Credit Management. The parent company Graydon Holding NV is supported by the three largest credit insurers in Europe. At the Graydon group about 500 people working.


VRTU is nominated by the Dutch chamber of commerce for best entrepreneur of the region "Drechtstreek"!

On the 27 October 2011 we were surprised by the Chamber of Commerce with a large cake. We are in the top 3 of the best entrepeneurs of the region Drechtstreek. This year, the jury focused on entrepreneurs who haven't been active for so long, but are growing towards the top. We are very proud of this nomination.

Read the dutch article here Algemeen Dagblad


van Roosendaal proud WINNER!

We are more than proud that we can anounce that yesterday on the 10 th of January 2012 we were elected by the Chamber of Commerce as

"Best Entrepreneur of the Drechtstreek ''

After weeks of tension.. It was finally announced on the 10 th of January. After the ceremony, which took place at Kunstmin Theater in Dordrecht, the party has begun and it continued into the small hours. We as TEAM OF STEEL His proud “our Bart”!


The making of.. the Discovery Commercial

In the months February and April 2012 we have been busy with the
admissions for our Discovery commercial. On the 9 April 2012 we launched our TV campaign:

"Men of Steel"

This ad was visible for 3 months on The Discovery Channel. We thank Damen Shipyards, SST, Stout pipelines, NAMI Mercon for the fact that we had been given permission to film at their location. We are very pleased with the end result.

MEN OF STEEL commercials can also be seen through youtube.


Vrtu recognized to recruit in Belgium

The Chief Executive Officer of the Flemish Subsidy Agency for Work and Social Economy has authorized on behalf of the Flemish Minister for Employment Policy that on the 11 April 2012 van Roosendaal technical staffing agency is authorized to carry out the activity of temporary personnel in the Flemish Region.

The recognition shall begin on 11 April 2012 for an indefinite period.


Restoration price for Bart van Roosendaal!

This year the monument committee of the municipality Sliedrecht has awarded a prize to our building restoration! In addition to this award the property of Bart van Roosendaal was also recognized as “municipal monument”.

Almost a year Bart has been working on the restoration of Rivierdijk 759. All the interfering elements which are arranged in the course of time, have been replaced in a responsible manner. The words of the memorial committee are very enthusiastic. Recognition as “municipal monument '' which comes as a crowning on his work!

The property was built in 1850 and has previously served as a parsonage and notary office.
Since 2009 Several agencies Bart van Roosendaal located here together.


Bart van Roosendaal is jury

During the New Year's reception of the Chamber of Commerce is the new "Best Entrepreneur of the Drechtstreek '' selected. This year, Bart van Roosendaal was part of the jury, because of technical employment agency van Roosendaal 2011 self titled “Best Entrepreneur of the Drechtstreek '' won.

van Roosendaal passes the title to Valk Welding, who won EGM architects and Van Aalst Group. We congratulate Valk Welding to win this great prize. The Chamber of Commerce organizes every year the business award in the region Drechtstreek. Companies from the region Drechtstreek (Alblasserdam, Dordrecht, Graafstroom, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Liesveld, New -Lekkerland, Papendrecht, Sliedrecht and Zwijndrecht.) a chance to win this prize


Roosendaal certifies in 1 over time 50 employees for future shutdowns

Meanwhile we have a strong team shutdown, which are well attuned to one another. The corresponding men and performer are used to working with each other.

Because we work with Netherlands-speaking people who have been active in the industrial port instruction is simple. There are more stringent requirements on the gates of the refinery.

Not a problem for us so.

If you want to be a subcontractor of the major contractors must certify and deliver quality! With that philosophy, we undertake.


Vinnie Jones, a MAN OF STEEL?

Former footballer and actor Vinnie Jones, is a man after our own heart. In Russia's Toughest we see how he himself to the test by entering into various challenges in Russia. The toughest courses of Russia are scrutinized and Vinnie works with the Russian MEN OF STEEL, who have to work every day in dangerous conditions.

Is Vinnie Jones as brave as our men?

Look Tuesday 19 november om 0.00 hour National Geographic Channel.

Russia's Toughest is made possible by: van Roosendaal technisch uitzendbureau.
Learn more about the program, please check National Geographic Channel



Vrtu certifies CO2 Welders for X65

As previously vrtu with a big team fitters has done, so we have 2014 chose to organize our lascentrum CO2 welders. We had planned a special day where they could get their X65 certification so that they were ready again as real MEN OF STEEL continue their welding career.


Start expansion Lascentrum